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about me

Height: 5'7"   |   Eye Color: Blue   |   Hair Color: Blonde

Going back thousands of years, I was a storyteller. Sitting around a campfire, I regaled my children and grandchildren with the history of our ancestors complete with lyrical songs, dramatic actions and sound effects through the use of a flute I crafted myself out of driftwood. In this life, I am still an entertainer and crafty mom, although the setting has changed, the stories have all been told before. Still trying to keep it interesting...


Carousel Theatre for Young People  |   A Charlie Brown Christmas   |   2016  |   Sally Brown

Arts Club   |   Les Miserables   |   2015  |   Fantine

Carousel Theatre for Young People   |   Seussical the Musical  |   2013 |   Mayzie La Bird



Sidney Kimmel Entertainment  |   Married Life   |   2007  |   Lead Actor

Nomadic Pictures   |   Behind the Camera: Diff'rent Strokes  |   2006  |   Principal

Collector Productions   |   The Collector   |   2006  |   Guest Star


Production Company   |   Project Name   |   2023  |   Lead Actor

Production Company   |   Project Name   |   2023  |   Supporting Actor

Production Company   |   Project Name   |   2023  |   Extra

Training & Workshops

Institution   |   Workshop Name   |   Instructor

Institution   |   Workshop Name   |   Instructor

Institution   |   Workshop Name   |   Instructor

Special Skills

I can do the scorpion, I'll show you what it is if you don't know.  Also, not a professional dancer but I can really boogie.  Actual skills: singing, piano, rolling my tongue.  Things I do for fun: ride my bike, throw a football, baseball, drive really fast, ice skate, snow ski, water ski, yoga, pilates. Impressions: Carol Channing, Judy Garland and the munchkins, Rosemary Clooney

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